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Our Founder


Meet Dr Khadija Owusu

AKAYA was founded in August 2022 by Dr Khadija Owusu, an award-winning British Ghanaian doctor, social entrepreneur and international speaker. 


With extensive experience in working with thousands of young people from ethnic minority backgrounds in the United Kingdom, combined with both her innate philanthropic nature and having a mother who is her very own Yaa Asantewaa, right after completing medical school Dr Khadija felt compelled to also positively impact the lives of those who need it most - the young girls back ‘home’. This led her to start The Like Her Project in Ghana, June 2021. A school outreach programme encouraging young girls to ‘Dream, Think and Work’ Like Her - the ‘Her’ in question being any phenomenal women the young girl looks up to. 

The growth and success of The Like Her Project inspired Dr Khadija to think ahead and then officially launch AKAYA; a non-profit organisation supporting the personal and professional growth of the next generation of African female leaders by building their confidence and ensuring they reach their full potential. Khadija firmly believes that every girl has a story to tell, just like she told hers on TEDx. However, every girl deserves to tell their best story; one that involves them having had their rightful chance to overcome the odds, reach their full potential in order to excel and serve.


Through AKAYA, we hope to achieve this.

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