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The Aya Initiative 


The Aya Initiative is a 9-month hybrid programme designed to empower and uplift the lives of young women facing unique challenges, with a holistic focus on their mental health and leadership development.


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Program Details
Eligibility Criteria


Initial Assessment 

Your application will be reviewed by the team and a selection of Mental Health Professionals. 


Applicants who make it past the initial assessment will be invited for a virtual interview


Accepted applicants will be notified of their succes and further information regarding the programme will be provided 


Program Details

The Aya Initiative is aimed at supporting current female university students facing significant challenges and/or mental health issues. It is a 9 month programme commencing in mid April. Consisting of mental health support, leadership development and community engagement as we de-stigmatise common issues and experiences that young women face. 

  • Empowerment Through Mentorship: Provide personalized mentorship to young women facing extreme circumstances or mental health challenges, fostering their personal and professional growth.

  • Leadership Development: Cultivate leadership skills and capabilities among program participants, empowering them to become active agents of change in their communities.

  • Mental Health Empowerment: Offer resources and support to enhance mental well-being, promoting resilience and coping strategies to navigate challenges effectively.

  • Community Engagement: Foster a supportive community environment where young women can connect, collaborate, and inspire each other to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Program Prerequisites

Eligibility Criteria
  • Female 

  • Student at a Ghanaian University

  • Facing extreme circumstances or navigating mental health challenges (see application)

  • Must show FULL commitment to the entire duration of the programme

  • Willingness to actively participate in mentorship, leadership development, and mental   health empowerment activities.

  • Commitment to engage positively in the AKAYA community and support fellow participants.

Program Highlights

Online mentorship sessions with experts

Skills development 

Mental Health support: Therapy and Workshops

Bring your community initiative to life

Financial support 

Monthly meetings and Face-to-face launch & closing event

Program Highlights
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