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We are building a school! - Project Esi

Sobaha Tunteeya

In an effort to making contributions towards educational development in Ghana, Project ESI is a partnership between AKAYA and Harold Ofori. An annual school development project which is focused on transforming less-endowed schools into better places and homes for our future leaders.

For our first project, we are significantly contributing to the completion of The Stages Academy in Ayikuma - Ghana. Ayikuma is a village in the Eastern region of Ghana. The community has long faced challenges in providing adequate educational facilities for its growing population. Limited infrastructure and overcrowded classrooms hindered the learning experience for many children. Recognising the importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty, the community decided to take matters into its own hands to build a school. By reinvesting profits made from their school farm, they have been able to somewhat of a structure that is now in desperate need of help. 

And that's where Project Esi comes into assist!


On the 27th of December 2023, the AKAYA will be embarking on an inspirational journey to The Stages Academy to complete the finishing touches of the school.

However, we want YOU to GET INVOLVED too! 

Here's how you can support:

VOLUNTEER WITH US: Join us on the 27th of December on an inspiring road trip to the school and get stuck in with furnishing, painting, educating and engaging with the students as we work towards completing their house of hope. 

Register to join us here - 

DONATE: If you would love to financially contribute to our cause, please donate here -

If you would also love to donate resources such as books, educational or health supplies - send us a message!


The completion of the school is aimed at having a positive impact on the children and community as a whole. Thus, with improved infrastructure, attendance rate to school would increase, and students would be more engaged in their studies. The project would not only enhance their learning experience, but would also inspire a renewed enthusiasm for education within the community.

Overall, this stands as a beacon of hope and progress. As the project proceeds to its completion, it is expected to contribute not only to the academic success of the students but also to the overall development and prosperity of Ayikuma. This inspiring initiative serves as a reminder of the transformative impact that grassroots efforts can have on education and community development

Join us on this impactful initiative today!

Article Written by AKAYA Summer Intern - Sobaha Tunteeya

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