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Project Esi - What a DAY!

Betty Mackay

To end the year of 2023, our final project for the year, held on 27th December, 2023, in collaboration with the Harold Ofori, was dubbed the Project Esi. The project was to embark on a wonderful journey of contributing to the development of the Stages Academy School in Ayikuma, Ghana. With a fleet of volunteers from the diaspora, AKAYA Foundation and Libraries Without Walls, Project Esi was definitely going to be a success.


As the adage goes “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, we did not want our volunteers to only experience the joy of creating a school-like-home for our future leaders, hence, our visit to the Chenku Falls to experience the beauty and nature of waterfalls. Curated by Elscapedes, the trip to Chenku falls was about an hour and half’s drive from Accra, and a beauty to uphold. We had a short hike of fifteen minutes from the town to the waterfall, while inhaling and awing at the vast greens and creek that ran through the town, all the way from the waterfall. After a series of picture-taking and relaxation, we set-off to work.

The team was warmly received at the school, by the Adowa troupe, clad in their cultural attire of Ghanaian Kente. Hosted by the wonderful M.C Candybell Reider Kensah, the program was called to order as the partners of the project Mr Harold Ofori and Dr Khadija Owusu, Founder of the AKAYA Foundation - gave their welcoming speeches and outline of the project. Speeches were also made by the Headmaster of Stages Academy – Sir Richard Gilchrist and other philanthropic partners involved in the project.

Where did our funding go?

The School was originally built on a weak foundation, meaning that it would be at risk of collapsing and compromising safety in future. Thankfully with the kind support, we were able to re-do the entire school's foundation, build stronger pillars and internal walls to partition the classrooms, re-roof the canteen and furnish with tables and chairs. 

After lunch, the team set-off to work. This included painting of the school wall, classrooms and presentation of the classroom furniture. The plaque was unveiled by the two partners and beneficiaries.

It was not all about work but there were games too! We also had the pleasure of partnering with Let’s Leap Sport’s Academy who kindly funded the purchase of sports equipment for the school e.g. football, volleyball, and archery equipment. 

'Twas a wrap!

At the end of the day, the school had been refurbished, to serve as a school-like-home for our future leaders. There was joy as volunteers around to celebrate the successful project.

Works are ongoing and we would love to have your further support. Get in touch if you would love to be involved and we look forward to a project-filled year in 2024. 

A very big “Thank You” to all our sponsors and volunteers who made this work.

Cheers! 🥂

Article written by Betty Adjoa Mackay

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